Professional Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned

The foam encapsulation washing process has overtaken carpet washing technology since the former employs less water during cleaning which lead to faster drying time compared to the carpet shampooing. The foam encapsulation washing has acquired thumbs up by those who supporter applying of environmental friendly products since there is less chemical deposit left out after washing compared to rug shampooing.

Even though that technique shows excellent washing effects, that cleaning technique hasn’t had the opportunity to extensively clean heavy soiling carpet due to the technology’s limitation.

Bonnet Washing

This carpet cleaning generate good¬†surface¬†tn carpet cleaning outcome as the method largely require cleaning the top part of the rug fibre employing a heavy duty electric equipment with a rotating pad that’s been submerged with cleaning solution to absorb soil from the carpet surface.

Bonneting is popular in hotels since it could provide a fast repair option to wash rug in large traffic public area that need rug to be washed without much water and may dry quickly to avoid producing inconvenience to hotel guests.

Since bonneting does not clean carpet deeply, dust beneath the carpet would appear back again to the outer lining within small time frame, creating carpet to obtain ruined again quickly. Bonneting also has a tendency to cause deposition of chemical residue in the rug as pressure from the major machine on the spinning station drive the used substance and outstanding soil into the carpet.

Dry Rug Cleaning

Dried carpet cleaning or element cleaning is one of many latest washing technology discovered on the market and has obtained raising acceptance and approvals by major carpet manufacturers due to the powerful washing efficiency and comfort as it doesn’t need drying time.

Because it was invented in 1980s, you can find various kinds of cleaning ingredient or sprays that have been produced in the market. As that technology is considered relatively new compared to other traditional wet rug cleaning strategies which were trusted and used for years, several however doubt the potency of this cleaning technology.

When you are spoilt for choices when choosing rug cleaning company for your property or company, it is essential to know the different types of carpet cleaning strategies utilized by different organizations as not all methods benefit your carpet.

Here will be the forms of rug washing in the market:

Hot Water Removal Cleaning

Commonly referred to as steam carpet washing, warm water extraction cleaning use large pressured warm water to agitate the rug fibre and dissolve dust in the carpet.

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